New Member Joins OPEA in Unlikely Place

OPEA Membership Representative Rick Allen signed a new member to OPEA recently in an unlikely place…outside a Lexington convenience store!

“You just never know where you might meet a potential member,” Allen said. “I stopped at a convenience store and ran into Faron Bryant, Maintenance Department Supervisor at the Joseph Harp Correctional Facility. We’ve known each other since grade school, and Faron has the same impeccable characteristics now that he had as a young man. I also worked with Faron for 10 years of my DOC career, and I can truly say his Maintenance Department is an agency showcase.

“Faron joined OPEA on-the-spot, and brings to the Association a great amount of expertise and tenacity,” Allen said.

Bryant said “I’ve been meaning to join OPEA for a long time, and now I am part of an Association that can support my efforts. I encourage my co-workers to look at the great benefits OPEA offers all state employees and join today.”

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