ODOT’ers Join OPEA

OPEA held a pizza lunch for ODOT engineers December 10th at the Ardmore office, and gained several new members.

“I’m joining OPEA because I like what OPEA is talking about,” stated ODOT’er Kenyard Herbert. “By joining OPEA you join in one voice.”

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” said Rhonda Walker. “Stand together or fall independently.”

“Discussing OPEAs achievements and its goals makes joining OPEA a no- brainer,” said OPEA Membership Representative Rick Allen.

Calvin Beames and Carissa Cummins agreed and also made the decision to join OPEA.

Don’t procrastinate; add insurance to your career by joining OPEA today! And if you’re already a member, talk to you co-workers and make sure they know the value of a strong, unified voice for state employees—OPEA!

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