On July 21st the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) presented a group meeting on the bi-weekly payroll conversion to OESC employees at the OESC Appeal Tribunal at NW 36th and May. The OESC has announced they will convert to bi-weekly payroll effective January 1, 2010. This was one of approximately 20 group meetings and two webinars scheduled to inform OESC employees throughout the state about the conversion.

According to Cindy Braun, Human Resources Director, OESC employees realize that bi-weekly payroll would happen sooner or late and the majority have been receptive to the conversion. Ms. Braun took the employees through the presentation and covered such topics as the need for the conversion, advantages of bi-weekly payroll, and employee rights and responsibilities.

A lot of time was dedicated to explaining the lag time in the bi-weekly payroll conversion and the options available for employees to make up for this time as outlined in House Bill 1111. Under that bill an employee can bank up to 80 hours of earned annual leave, sick leave (up to 40 hours) and compensatory time to offset the lag time. OESC employees will be able to use this conversion bank from July 1 – December 31, 2009. Also, a representative from the Oklahoma Employees Credit Union made a presentation on services that facility is offering OESC employees to help them compensate for the lag time.

Ms. Braun indicated that her presentation and applicable forms were available to OESC employees only through the “Inside OESC” web page.

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