OKDHS 55G Looking to Rebuild Chapter

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services county office 55G held a luncheon in their Mayfair office recently to discuss geographical organizational structure current events and how they can become more involved through chapter development. And OPEA was there for them; ready, willing, and able to provide that information and support.

Many workers contributed their lunch hour in order to hear what OPEA had to say. Many workers, including Marcus Jones OKDHS 55G Assistant County Director, Karen Danley OKDHS Area III Nurse and OPEA Board Member Thomas Kalayilparampil who works in Aging Services Division located in Shepherd Mall were in attendance. Also, Family Support Supervisors Kay Hobson 55G, Joby Joseph 55G, Noby Mathew 55G, Varughese Chandapillai 55G showed their support as well as Reuben Samuel, Saira Boswell, newly elect OPEA Board Member Casey Letran all drove from 55H Rockwell Office to be at the meeting to discuss plans to build a chapter from the ground up. “There are several new employees at the Mayfair office who attended the meeting last week,” said OKDHS 55G CFS Supervisor Kay Hobson. “It was good for them to hear the accomplishments OPEA has made for state workers over the years. I am excited to hopefully get an OPEA chapter started in this office soon and look forward to help increase the support of OPEA,” Hobson said.

“OPEA has a lot of potential here in this office to grow in membership and develop a strong chapter in order to be effective at the Capitol,” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “I believe in the people. And the people here have all of the right ingredients to become a successful chapter. I believe their voice will soon not only be booming, but directed and concentrated in the right way to promote the positive change they seek,” Watkins said.

“The meeting at 55G was very productive as we were able to convince the members about the benefits of going to the geographical/district concept,” said OPEA Board Member Thomas Kalayilparampil. “This will enable our members to interact more with the co-workers and legislators at a local grassroots level. We were also able to achieve the goal of setting up a new chapter at 55G, with the great help of the Assistant County Director Marcus Jones and CFS Supervisor Kay Hobson. I did witness some great enthusiasm among the new workers to be actively involved with OPEA to keep their jobs and benefits in these difficult budget cut times. My advice is simple; please do not wait on the sidelines, but get involved and make a difference for yourself and your co-workers! Thank you very much for your continued support!” Kalayilparampil said.

If you are a state employee and want your voice heard at the Capitol, then it’s time to join your coworkers in order to have the biggest and loudest voice possible. For more information about becoming a member please visit our website at www.opea.org or contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 ext. 208.

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