Oklahoma School of the Deaf Forms an OPEA Chapter!

Congratulations to the upcoming new OPEA chapter at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf.

They have been working tirelessly to get this group on its feet to help better their workplace! Their goal?

(As seen left to right; Rose Osborn, Naomi Woodall, Kym Vance, Lauren Mathis, Denise Henry, and Jamie Wilson)

The same goal that the Oklahoma Public Employee Association has! The goal is to help people have the best possible experience as employees of the great State of Oklahoma.


So how can you start an OPEA Chapter at your workplace?



It’s easier than you think! If you and 10 other employees’ have the same interests and you want the same goals for your workplace, you can start one! Questions to ask yourself, how can we better help our employees, and why could this benefit us?



If you are interested in starting or forming a chapter at the Oklahoma Public Employee Association, please contact Candice Steele, Director of Membership at 405-740-6799. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding starting a chapter or how to get one formed at your workplace!

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