Oklahoma Tax Commission Is Leading the Way

Who says tax season isn’t fun? It may be tax season, but it’s also the season of rational reason when several workers at the Oklahoma Tax Commission in Oklahoma City joined recently at a luncheon hosted by OPEA. And yes, it was a blast!! Pizza plus fun people mixed in with some very important information given from OPEA was the recipe for a successfully great time!
OPEA was there along with OPEAPAC Trustees Sharita Ramsey and Richard Deatherage who led many to joining the only association in the State of Oklahoma who consistently works with and for the state employees.
“I’m really excited to see so many people here today at the luncheon,” said long time OPEA Member and OPEAPAC Trustee Sharita Ramsey. “I believe in OPEA and what it has been doing the past 34 years. I make it a priority to share what OPEA is doing for all state employees and how without this association existing we wouldn’t be reaping the benefits some take for granted. I’m proud to be a member of OPEA and the OPEAPAC,” Ramsey said.
It’s true OPEA created all of the benefits which are in existence today such as longevity, sooner-save, dependant health care coverage, organizational leave and the list goes on. It’s also true these benefits are continually at risk of being taken away during one legislative session. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If every state employee joined OPEA, then the clout at the state Capitol would be undeniably much stronger and it would literally shift the priorities of the legislature in favor of the state employee.
“I’m very pleased with the turnout and the number of people who joined today,” said long- time OPEA Member and OPEAPAC Trustee Richard Deatherage. “OPEA is such an integral part of state government working on behalf of employees and has been for many years. My goal is to have everyone at the Tax Commission join OPEA in order to not just subsist year in and year out, but to actually prevail at the Capitol. I believe today is a new beginning for OTC workers who are ready to have their voices heard,” said Deatherage.
If you’d like to take part in helping shift the legislator’s priorities, then join the OPEA which is a member driven association and is consistently working for you! Don’t wait! Time is of the essence. Join now! Become a member today by visiting our website at www.opea.org or contacting Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764.

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