OPEA Adds “Grievance Consultant” to Staff

Clyde “C-Mac” McLendon, longtime deputy director of the Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission, has been added to the staff of the Oklahoma Public Employees Association as a “grievance consultant.”

McLendon, who spent almost 20 years handling grievances for MPC, makes a perfect addition to the OPEA staff according to executive director Sterling Zearley.

“C-Mac understands the grievance process and knows what is needed for a favorable outcome at MPC,” Zearley said. ““When C-Mac announced his retirement from MPC, we jumped at the opportunity to bring him on board to help our members through the grievance process. He will be working three days a week and is very anxious to help our members.”

A 20-year veteran of the United States Air Force, McLendon joined the Merit Board in 1988.

“It will be C-Mac’s duties to assist OPEA members in the grievance process, to assist the OPEA attorney in research and development of cases, to assist lobbying team on personnel laws and rules, provide grievance training on employment law and regulations that affect state employees and update OPEA policies and procedures,” Zearley said. “Who better to help our members with their grievances than someone from the Merit Board?”

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