OPEA Announces 2019 Legislative Agenda

OPEA will seek the following items for state employees when the regular session begins in February.  Our #1 priority will be a $5,000 across-the-board pay raise for all state employees.  If you want any or all of these things to become law then please get in touch with your legislators TODAY and urge their support.

OPEA 2019 Legislative Agenda 

  1. $5000 per year across-the-board pay raise for all state workers
  2. Increase the health benefit allowance calculation
  3. Restore critical agency staffing cuts
  4. Eliminate the State’s “Use it or lose it” policy on earned annual leave
  5. 8% COLA for all Oklahoma pension system retirees
  6. Increase the health benefit allowance for retirees
  7. Increase the state employee minimum wage to $15 per hour
  8. Standardize and require monetary compensation for on-call duty
  9. Eliminate court reporter salaries from statute and set new minimum salary
  10. Merit system improvements
  11. FMLA – eliminate the one-year tenure requirement and add siblings to the definition of family
  12. Re-tie the state travel reimbursement rate to the federal rate
  13. Require all state employees earning less than $40,000 be overtime-eligible regardless of job classification
  14. Department of Corrections Omnibus Bill – set hiring rate for CO’s at $16 per hour, require time-clock management system be installed in all facilities, require all uniformed officers be overtime-eligible.
  15. Get pensions for Military Dept Police Officers under OLERS or OPERS hazardous-duty
  16. Require hours worked above a regularly-scheduled shift on a daily basis be automatically paid at the overtime rate

OPEA will take these issues, and more, to the Capitol when legislators return for session in February.  We hope you will help us advocate for these bills with your own legislators.  Let them know you support our agenda and that you need them to, as well.

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