OPEA Announces Leadership Team

OPEA Leadership Team

Oklahoma City (Feb. 16, 2024) – The Oklahoma Public Employees Association (“OPEA”) announced today its new leadership team, poised to lead the organization through the 2024 legislative session.

Dixie Jackson and Chelsea Celsor Smith have been named co-executive directors to steer the organization. Jackson, a co-founder of OPEA, also serves as the entity’s grievance and legal advocacy specialist, while Celsor Smith serves as contract general counsel. These two will move OPEA forward with the help of the entire team, including:

• · Deputy Director Gene Blankenship
• · Central Field Organizer Sache Primeaux-Shaw
• · Director of Membership Candice Scarpitti-Steele-McDonald
• · Lobbyist Kinsey Westwood

“OPEA has been the leading organization uniting state employees since its formation in 1975,” said OPEA President Rita Heath. “The strong team the board has put in place for 2024 will advance this mission and elevate the organization for our members.”

OPEA advocates for the state employees and retirees who deliver quality and efficient state government to Oklahomans. Items on this year’s agenda include a cost-of-living increase for state employees and retirees, along with restoration of the defined benefit plan.

About OPEA
OPEA has been the dedicated voice of state employees and retirees for nearly 50 years, championing the rights and welfare of its members through legislative advocacy.

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