OPEA Endorses Oklahoma House Candidates

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association has endorsed the following Oklahoma state house of representatives candidates for the upcoming election. Candidate endorsements are made after discussions with them about state employee issues and review of their past support for state employees and retirees, if they’ve held office. The OPEA Political Action Committee (PAC) meets and interviews candidates and legislative leaders to determine if we should endorse a candidate. OPEA doesn’t necessarily endorse a candidate in every race.

The endorsements are based solely on whether the candidate has a track record of supporting state employees through their votes or, in the case of a candidate who hasn’t held office, their beliefs about the importance of funding state services, improving employee compensation and retiree pensions. These are the issues that our PAC discusses with every candidate they interview. OPEA does not consider the candidate’s political party or their positions on social issues. What our PAC is concerned with is whether or not a candidate will help improve state employment, retirement and state services. If elected, will they actively work to pass helpful legislation and will will they work to defeat harmful legislation?

These endorsements are as of today. It is possible that other endorsements will follow as the general election draws closer. If you have any questions about the endorsements, please email opie@opea.org

OPEA House of Representatives Candidate Endorsements:

HOUSE DISTRICT 1            Johnny Tadlock – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 3            Troy Dyer – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 7            Ben Loring – D

HOUSE DISTRICT  8           Darrell Moore – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 12          Darla Milligan – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 13          Wayne Herriman – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 15          Ed Cannaday – D

HOUSE DISTRICT16          Ronnie Kell – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 17          Brian Renegar – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 19          James Albert Campbell – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 20          Bobby Cleveland – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 21          Dustin Roberts – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 24          Terry O’Donnell – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 25          Todd Thomsen – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 26          Nick Atwood – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 29          Macy Gleason – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 32          Kevin Wallace – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 33          Caryl Talley – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 39          Ryan Martinez – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 43          JP Jordan – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 45          Claudia Griffith – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 46          Scott Martin – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 47          Leslie Osborn – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 49          Tommy Hardin – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 50          Marcus McEntire – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 56          David Perryman – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 61          Casey Murdock – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 64          Jacobi Crowley – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 66          Jadine Nollan – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 70          Carol Bush – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 71          Katie Henke – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 73          Regina Goodwin – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 74          Jeri Moberly – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 75          Dan Kirby – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 76          David Brumbaugh – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 78          Meloyde Blancett – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 80          Mike Ritze – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 84          Tammy West – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 85          Cyndi Munson – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 86          Will Fourkiller – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 87          Collin Walke – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 91          Chris Kannady – R

HOUSE DISTRICT 92          Forrest Bennett – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 93          Mickey Dollens – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 94          Scott Inman – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 97          Jason Lowe – D

HOUSE DISTRICT 99          George Young – D

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