OPEA Express Continues—Week 4, Northwest Oklahoma

State employees are seeing the benefits of membership in OPEA, as leaders take the Association’s message to all corners of Oklahoma.

In its first three weeks, the OPEA Express Tour has hit virtually every state agency in cities and towns throughout Oklahoma and generating hundreds of new members.

“Folks have been very receptive,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “Getting out on the road and going into people’s offices has helped us convey the message that to be effective, every state employee needs to get involved in OPEA.

“We are looking at getting all state employees off the sidelines and lending their voice to this cause. We have been overlooked far too long, and it’s time our legislators see state employees mean business,” Zearley said.

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The OPEA Express Tour for week for is listed below.

Tuesday, June 23:
Group 1
8:00 am—Enid Voc Rehab, 225 West Maple
9:00 am—Enid NORC, 2600 E. Willow Rd
11:30 am—Enid DHS Pizza Lunch, 2405 Mercer Dr.
2:00 pm—Enid OESC, 2613 N. Van Buren
3:30 pm—Enid NW Center for Behavioral Health, 702 N. Grand

Group 2
8:00 am—Watonga Health Dept, 521 W. Fourth St.
10:30 am—Woodward DOC 1009 Main St.
12:00 pm—Woodward Health Department Pizza Lunch
1:30 pm—Woodward OSBI, Voc Rehab, DEQ, DPS, 2411 Williams Ave.

Wednesday, June 24
Group 1
7:00 am—Cherokee ODOT
11:30 am—Cherokee DHS Pizza Lunch, 101 S. Grand

Group 2
8:00 am—Guymon OESC, 225 E. Highway 54
11:00 am—Guymon Health Dept., 1410 North E. Street
11:30 am—Guymon DHS Pizza Lunch, 1000 NE 4th
3:00 pm—Boise City ODOT
4:00 pm—Boise City DHS, Courthouse, 1st floor

Thursday, June 25th
8:00 am—Buffalo DHS, 1001 N. Hoy
9:00 am–Buffalo Health Dept
12 pm—Beaver Health Dept
1:30 pm—Beaver DOC
4:00 pm—Laverne Health Dept

Group 2
8:00 am—Guymon DOC
9:00 am—Guymon OJA, 508 N. Roosevelt
11:30 am—WS Key Correctional Facility DOC, One William S. Key Blvd.

Friday, June 26th
Group 1
9:00 am—Kingfisher Corporation Commission, 101 S. Sixth St.
12 pm—Kingfisher Health Dept, 124 E. Sheridan

Group 2
7:00 am—Kingfisher ODOT
8:00 am—Kingfisher OJA, 103 W. Coronado
11:30 am—Kingfisher DHS Pizza Lunch, 102 W. Coronado

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