OPEA Generates Hundreds of Calls to Legislators

In its latest Action Alert, the Oklahoma Public Employees Association called on its members to “light up the phones” on the Senate and Democratic leadership concerning a state employee pay raise and members have responded by the hundreds!

OPEA put out the Action Alert in an effort to make certain that budget negotiators were getting the message loud and clear that state employees are expecting a $2,700 pay raise this year.

“State employees have waited patiently and it is time for legislative leaders to make state employee pay the top priority this year,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “Lack of revenue will not be an excuse for short-changing state employees this year. It is our turn.”

OPEA is asking state employees to continue to make calls from the political action website.

“It is as easy as clicking on the button, and typing in your zip code. Dial the number you are given and read from the script,” said Zearley. “Then tell OPEA what the legislator said by filling in the blanks at the bottom. We will go by and visit with all the legislators that are contacted to make sure they are getting your message.”

OPEA is asking that OPEA members forward the link to all their co-workers.

“We must keep the pressure on the legislators or we will be moved to the back of the line,” said Zearley.

Below are some of the comments from OPEA members:

“Senator Sparks’ office told me I was preaching to the choir, he is very much in favor of the pay raise for state employees. For that I thanked him very much. Rep. Jett’s office took a message.”

“Spoke with Susie, she said she would let Sen. Gumm know that I had called. She stated “we” all need pay raises.”

“Called Senator Laughlin’s office and talked to the secretary she said she would pass it on to him about the pay raise. Received voice mail at Senator Hickman’s office and left a voice mail with my name and numbers.”

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