OPEA Holds Luncheon at the Department of Environmental Equality

OPEA held a luncheon recently at DEQ in downtown Oklahoma City to discuss current events surrounding what OPEA is doing for state employees. Membership Representative Brandon Watkins was the presenter and spoke to over 40 state workers on varying topics such as OPEA’s recent Annual Convention, the proposed four day work week, and the importance of becoming actively involved in the election process. In addition, new members had the opportunity to “spin the wheel” on OPEA’s new prize wheel for cash and prizes.
“Today was phenomenal at DEQ! Almost every person who attended that wasn’t a member when they arrived; left the luncheon as an official OPEA member with a prize they just won!” Watkins said. “I really enjoyed speaking to the hard workers at DEQ. Many of them participated by giving me feedback on the issues discussed. It’s a joy to meet so many people who not only understand what is said about the importance of joining in the political process, but are willing to step up and put that understanding into action. I estimate over 95 per cent of those who attended were either tenured members or just joined. I had discussions with several people after the luncheon that showed quite a bit of enthusiasm in wanting to join OPEA to make a difference,” said Watkins.
Long-time OPEA member Monroe McKissic attended the meeting to lend support. “I’m proud to be an OPEA member,” McKissic said. “OPEA has withstood the test of time and has proven itself as a reputable association that fights for state workers on a consistent basis. It really is in every state worker’s best interest to join OPEA. In so doing, they are helping themselves.”
“Let’s make this up and coming legislative session a memorable one for state employees. It’s within our reach to obtain all of the rewards state workers have earned. The DEQ employees have a great understanding of what one puts into an association is what one gets out of it. I really felt a sense of unity being at DEQ,” said Watkins.
“I’m working on building a DHS Caucus in the Oklahoma City metro area that will expediently branch out to other DHS County offices in the great state of Oklahoma. I believe when people see the success, they will want to become a part of this contagious caucus with the state agency they represent. I believe this goal is conceivable and attainable, but it takes united state employees doing it en masse to make it a reality at the capitol. I’m excited DEQ has decided to come on board and let OPEA work for them,” Watkins said.
If anyone is interested in joining OPEA, or learning more about how we stand strong and proud for state employees at the capitol, please contact Brandon Watkins or visit our website at www.opea.org for more information.

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