OPEA Is Not Alone in Our Call For New Revenue


“The long and short of it is Oklahoma needs more recurring revenue,” says Oklahoma State Treasurer, Ken Miller. ken miller photo

“Money doesn’t fix everything, but without money, what already needs fixing can break down entirely,” says Oklahoma Finance Secretary Preston Doerflinger.

 doerflinger image


These two gentlemen are not from a special interest group. They are the two leading financial officers in Oklahoma’s state Government. Treasurer Miller has earned a Ph. D and an MBA in economics. He is a tenured economics professor. Secretary Doerflinger has been involved in many budget discussions and has operated his own businesses. They understand the situation Oklahoma is in. You can read their full report here.

Oklahomans who rely on core services and state employees who provide them want to know where you stand!  Will lawmakers support revenue-generating measures this session or will they sit back and watch as more state employees get laid off and more of Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens are left to fend for themselves without services?  Citizens will not accept more budget cuts to core state services . Will legislators support finding additional revenue to fund services or approve a budget that forces even more service cuts.  That disaster is entirely avoidable but it depends on our legislators voting to raise revenue and not cut services!

Have you called your legislators to tell them “No More Cuts” and “Raise Revenue”? It is critical that you do.






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