OPEA Launches TEXTING service!

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association has entered into the digital age in an effort to keep in touch with members by launching a new text messaging service.

“OPEA is always trying to communicate more effectively with our members about meetings, legislative issues and leadership opportunities,” said OPEA President Connie Stockton. “In this day and age nearly everyone has a cell phone and uses text messaging. Our members have told us this is a great way for them to receive our updates so we are proud to launch this new service!

“You can also sign up for the Action Alert emails as well,” Stockton said. “Today we live in a very competitive environment, where media coverage is hard to gain. We are now able to inform people in our own way.”

If you haven’t yet registered your cell number, the process is simple. Click on the following link and sign up today: http://capwiz.com/opea/mlm/signup

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