OPEA Lobby Day – Tuesday April, 4th – Join Us!

Tuesday, April 4th, will be OPEA’s next lobby day. We will be stressing the importance of funding a state employee pay raise during the 2018 appropriation process WITH funding.
This, as well as preventing more cuts to state agencies, can only happen if new revenue is brought it. Without new revenue, more cuts will happen.

Some lawmakers have revealed their plan for raising revenue but the house and senate leadership have not. We will be there to ask that they pass a pay raise when they approve the FY2018 budget.

The house bill that would have authorized a state employee pay raise did not get an up-or-down vote in the house. It is not a dead issue however. A raise can be authorized and funded during the appropriation process, if legislative will is there.

Come join us at the OPEA offices at 11:30 for lunch and a legislative briefing, then go with us to the capitol for one-on-one conversations with lawmakers. You can RSVP to opie@opea.org.

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