OPEA Meets with DHS Field Operations

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association is in the process of holding meetings in Oklahoma County and has invited Larry Johnson, DHS Director of Field Operations, or his staff to attend the meetings.

Two meetings were held last week at 55H and 55D. The purpose of the meetings is two fold: first, to introduce workers to OPEA and second, to hear their concerns and ideas regarding the budget issue in the state of Oklahoma.

“We are pleased to have Director Johnson and his staff attend these meetings and hear from employees,” said Jimmy Durant, Membership Representative. “The first two meetings have created a lot of discussion and thoughts. I believe we have worked well with Field Ops in answering questions and providing information to the employees, as well as getting some thoughts and ideas from them, for us and the agency,” Durant said.

Other meetings scheduled for Oklahoma County include, Jan. 28 at 55J and Feb. 3 at 55G. OPEA is working to schedule the other offices in Oklahoma County.

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