OPEA Members Become “Digital Lobbyists”

The electronic age has hit OPEA..and how..

As a response to the “Action Alert” generated by the “CapWiz” section of the OPEA website, some 1,000 state employees have emailed their representatives and senators, demanding that they put state employee issues high on the priority list.

“This is the first real test of the power that we will be able to generate through ‘CapWiz’,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “And while our members have responded in a fantastic manner, there can never be enough pressure put upon our lawmakers.

Zearley said that the association’s goal is to have 1,500 emails by Wednesday, January 9.

“The House and Senate leaders are meeting right now,” he said. “We want to strike while the iron is hot – if you have already sent an email, pass this message along to a coworker and/or other state employee,” he said

Zearley said that emails from state employees have gone to every member of the Oklahoma legislature.

“Currently the bulk of the emails have gone to Senator John Sparks (D-Norman) and Senator Owen Laughlin (R-Woodward) as well as Represenative Wel Hilliard, (D-Sulpher) and Gary Banz, (R-Midwest City),” Zearley said. “But we want our members to truly spread the wealth and take advantage of this wonderful electronic tool to get their message across.”

“If you have already sent your message to your local legislator,” said Zearley, “then use the TELL A FRIEND feature and email your coworkers to join your efforts in making sure your local legislator gets the message. State employees are the buzz at the Capitol right now, lets keep the pressure on!”

Emails can be generated through the “CapWiz” website with a link located on the bottom right of the www.opea.org homepage or by clicking here.

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