OPEA Members Set 2021 Legislative Agenda

A graphic design listing the 2021 OPEA legislative agenda

OPEA’s 2021 legislative agenda has been finalized. The agenda was developed by OPEA members through our platform plank process earlier this year. Agenda items form the broad goals to work toward during year’s session. As with any legislation, the details will need to be worked out as bills are written, amended and voted on. OPEA will be at the forefront of any state employee, retiree issue that comes before the legislature.

We hope all OPEA members, join us in working toward improving state services. Next year’s session will again be challenging but that does not mean that state employees and retirees will not be working with legislators to improve our compensation, benefits and working conditions.

If you’re not an OPEA member, but are a state employee please join us today and work with us in 2021.

A graphic design listing the 2021 OPEA legislative agenda

• Implementation of a state employee market based pay plan
• Tie the state employee minimum wage to family of four instead of the current family of three amount
• Require all state employees receive certain level of compensation for working “on-call”
• Modify the frozen state employee benefit allowance to allow it to be increased
• Prevent state employees from losing earned annual leave due to “use or lose” provision in state law and require payment for hours over limits
• Continue work on state employee Merit System reform and preservation of due process for employees
• Increase state employee longevity pay by starting at $500 and increasing by $250 up to $2750
• Increase the health benefit allowance for retirees from $105 to $150 per month
• Modify OPERS statutory requirements to ensure at least one OPEA member serves on the OPERS board through statuary requirements
• Reform or eliminate the OPLAA and the institution of retiree COLA triggers in OPERS rules to make sure COLAs are safely provided to retirees more frequently than in the past
• Develop a new form of state employee leave to be used specifically for time spent volunteering for charitable causes and organizations
• Move OPERS members hired after 2015 into the defined benefit pension plan instead of the Pathfinder defined contribution plan
• Adding an additional form of administrative leave to be used to improve state employees’ physical wellness
• Tie Court Reporters’ salary to the Judicial Compensation Review Board
• Establish a yearly stipend for state employees who are teleworking to be used for office supplies, internet, and other related expenses not covered by the employer
• Return to legislative and executive appointments of boards and commissions that provide oversight of state agencies.
• Update Reduction In Force/Severance package requirements for classified and unclassified state employees who have lost their positions due to restructuring or lack of cause.

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