OPEA Releases General Election Senate Candidate Endorsement List

photo explains that OPEA bases its candidate endorsements on their support of state employee and retiree issues no other issues are considered when the OPEA political action committee considers candidates for endorsement.

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association and The Oklahoma Public Employees Political Action Committee have endorsed the following Oklahoma Senate candidates for the 2020 general election.

  • Senate District 3 Blake“Cowboy “ Stephens
  • Senate District 9 Dewayne Pemberton
  • Senate District 21 Tom Dugger
  • Senate District 35 Jo Anna Dossett
  • Senate District 37 Allison Ikley-Freeman
  • Senate District 39 Dave Rader
  • Senate District 43 Jessica Garvin
  • Senate District 45 Paul Rosino
  • Senate District 47 Greg Treat

OPEA supports candidates for state office who either have a proven track record of standing up for state employees, retired state employees and core state services or whose candidacy reflects that they will support our members, if elected. OPEA political endorsements are based only on state employee and retiree issues. Our members come from all walks of life and experiences but we share the common goal of improving state employment and retirement. Therefore, OPEA will endorse candidates who we believe will work for our issues at the state capitol.

OPEA members come from all walks of life and experiences but we have a common goal of improving state employment and retirement, as well as the services our members provide. When statewide and legislative elections are held, we endorse candidates who also share that goal. There are no other issues considered when OPEA endorses a candidate. The only thing OPEA’s political action committee trustees consider is whether a candidate will work towards our goal if elected. Our candidates may have different stances on other issues but what matters is Will they work to improve state employment and retirement.

If you live in one of these senate districts, we urge you to vote for the OPEA endorsed candidate. The more elected officials we have who support state employee and retiree issues the more we can accomplish at the legislature.

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