OPEA-requested study to look at state employee pay raises

Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. at the state Capitol in Room 432-A, the House will hold Interim Study 2012H-040, State Employee Compensation. Requested by Rep. Leslie Osborn of Mustang, the study will focus on finding ways to make the total compensation of state employees better and more competitive across the board. The good news is that House and Senate leadership as well as the governor’s office all voiced support for this study.

OPEA will be at the study and will make a presentation as to why state employees need a pay raise and dissect how current benefits allotted to state employees aren’t as competitive as many would seem to believe.

Go to www.OKHouse.gov to listen to the study. On their home page, click on “Video” tab on top and then click on Meeting Room 432a to listen to the study.

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