OPEA Swore in our 2022 Board of Directors and Executive Board Members


Many Board Members are not pictured because they were sworn in virtually. Left to Right; Jann Ensz, Brandi Barker, Randy Chitwood, Connie Stockton, Drannon Ross, Rita Heath


We would like to introduce and congratulate our newest board member from region 5, Melissa Hudspeth! Melissa works at the Department of Agriculture in Oklahoma county. Please welcome her as she now sits alongside our other trusted board of directors! We would also like to highlight our current board members as well.

Brandi Barker, from region 1, works at James Crabtree Correction Center with the Department of Corrections. Hank Swearingen, from region 2 and our Vice President, works at the Department of Mental Health. From region 3 Jann Ensz, who is a lifetime achievement recipient, is retired but used to work at the Northern Oklahoma Resource Center. Weslie Elliot, from region 4, works at the Durant health department. We have three board members for region 5. Those include Darrell Walker and Drannon Ross, who work for the Department of Public Safety, and our newest board member Melissa!

If you are wondering why there is more than one, it’s because it’s based on membership in that region! The more members we have, the more board members we need! Now to region 6 where we have two board members, Wally Ogunoiki and Eldon Johnson! Wally works at the Office of Juvenile Affairs, and Eldon works at the Department of Public Safety. Jim Cook, our region 7 board member, works for the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, at the Oklahoma Forensic Center. From region 8 we have Becky Laiple who works for the Department of Human Services.  Randy Chitwood, from region 9, works for the Grand River dam Authority! Region 10 is currently vacant. Last, and certainly not least, Connie Stockton, from region 11, is a lifetime achievement recipient as well, she is retired but worked for the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.

We would also like to recognize our board President, Rita Heath, who works for the Department of Transportation. Mike Rogers, our President Emeritus, who works for the Department of Corrections. Don Keenan and Thomas Kalayilparampil are our board members for the Retiree East and West Regions!

We would like to say a big thank you to all our board members for all their hard work. To learn more about OPEA’s Board of Directors Click Here!

Thank you for volunteering and for your services to bettering Oklahoma’s State employment. If you would like to become a board member, please contact your sitting board member or contact staff membership and we will help you!

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