OPEA Visits Manitou OJA

OPEA visited the Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) July 14, and spoke to established and prospective members about the benefits of joining the Association and how it could help protect their jobs.

OPEA’s Executive Director, Sterling Zearley and Policy and Agency Relations Director Trish Frazier, spoke at the meeting. More than 35 people attended and six joined the Association. Some members spoke about their personal triumphs through OPEA.

One member said with the threat of privatization, this is one of the darkest periods for OJA. “Every employee needs to be a member of OPEA so our voices can be heard, and we can keep our jobs,” he said.

“It was nice to hear our longtime members speak to the prospective members about how OPEA benefited them and how their jobs need to be protected by our association,” Zearley said.

Frazier spoke to the group about how keeping effective programs may help protect their jobs. “We have to inform them on the uncertainty of their jobs. They have no way of knowing if their job is secure a week, or even a month from now. We have to educate them of the urgency to join OPEA,” Frazier said.

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