OPEA Works to Provide Extra Day at Christmas

State employees may have an extra day off during the next Holiday season, if an OPEA bill is passed this session. HB 3052 requires state employees be given a minimum of two days off for the Christmas holiday.

“We know this will be a tough year,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “The budget shortfall is almost a guarantee that state employees will not receive a pay raise. So we are hopeful the legislature passes this as a small gesture of good-will toward our public employees.”

If passed, the new law would go into effect as early as the next Christmas season.

“Our employees provide a valuable service to the citizens of this great state,” said Senate Floor Leader Todd Lamb, (R), Edmond. “Allowing them an extra day off during the holidays to spend with their families is a token gesture of appreciation. Our state employees are paid well below the national average, and unfortunately with the budget crunch this year I don’t see that changing. Perhaps an extra day at the Holidays is something they can look forward to.”

On the House side, Representative Dan Kirby, (R), Tulsa, said he will also work toward passage. “State workers haven’t received a pay raise in several years, and while we know they are overworked and underpaid, this revenue shortfall is of historic proportions. Together with OPEA, we want to do something for our employees who have dedicated their careers to public service. This is a small way of saying ‘thank you’ for all you do, and your work has not gone unnoticed, so ‘Happy Holidays.’” Kirby said.

OPEA encourages its members to contact Senator Lamb and Representative Kirby, thanking them for their support of HB3052. Phone Senator Lamb at 405.521.5632 or by email at lamb@oksenate.gov Contact Representative Kirby by phone at 405.557.7356 or by email at dan.kirby@okhouse.gov

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