OPEAPAC endorsement guide

With the 2012 elections quickly coming, OPEAPAC understands it’s tough to figure out exactly which candidate will be the best choice for you.

That’s why OPEAPAC is here to help with our list of candidate endorsements going into the general election. This guide will give you the power to vote for voices at the state Capitol that will stand up for state employees.

Several of OPEAPAC’s endorsed candidates have made it through their primaries and are continuing to the General Election. In addition, the PAC has continued to meet with candidates and make endorsements. Below are the 2012 OPEAPAC endorsed candidates:

Senate Endorsements
Mike Mazzei (25) Incumbent
Bryce Marlatt (27) Incumbent
Clark Jolley (41) Incumbent
Jabar Shumate (11) Open Seat
Don Barrington (31) Incumbent
Jerry Ellis (5) Incumbent
Earl Garrison (9) Incumbent
Susan Paddack (13) Incumbent
Rob Standridge (15) Open Seat
Ron Sharp (17) Open Seat
Corey Brooks (43) Open Seat

House Endorsements
Kay Floyd (88) Open seat
Todd Thomsen (25) Incumbent
Don Armes (63) Incumbent
Weldon Watson (79) Incumbent
John Bennett (2) Incumbent
Lisa Billy (42) Incumbent
David Brumbaugh (76) Incumbent
Josh Cockcroft (27) Incumbent
Will Fourkiller (86) Incumbent
Randy McDaniel (83)Incumbent
Jason Nelson (87) Incumbent
Tom Newell (28) Incumbent
Leslie Osborn (47) Incumbent
Pat Ownbey (48) Incumbent
Anastasia Pittman (99) Incumbent
Dustin Roberts (21) Incumbent
Wade Rousselot (12) Incumbent
Seneca Scott( 72) Incumbent
Jerry Shoemake (16) Incumbent
Aaron Stiles (45) Incumbent
Gary Banz (101) Incumbent
Jason Smalley (32) Open Seat

This guide will be a handy resource for you this fall. We will keep it on the top right of the main page of OPEA.org in the “Quick Links” section for your future reference. This is your way to stay informed and get active in the upcoming election!

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