OPEAPAC Racks Up Impressive Endorsement Victories

Pro-state employee candidates won key battles during the November 4th election with some big victories coming in the House as OPEAPAC racked up an impressive endorsement victory record winning over two-thirds of its races.

“We are excited with the success of the OPEAPAC-endorsed candidates,” said Steve Paris, OPEAPAC executive trustee. “This most certainly brings us into the legislative session with more clout and respect than we have had in several years.”

Some of the OPEAPAC-endorsed candidates who won their elections included Dr. Doug Cox (R-Grove), Rep. Scott Inman (D-Del City) Rep. Lisa Billy (R-Purcell), Rep. Bill Nations and Rep. Gus Blackwell. Senator Jim Reynold (R-Oklahoma City), Senator Richard Lerblance (D-McAlester) also won their elections with OPEAPAC claiming credit for getting Senator Reynolds over the top. “OPEAPAC endorsed Senator Reynolds late in the cycle and clearly the nearly two hundred members we have in his district made an impact,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “Senator Reynolds won by only 159 votes.”

Who we elect matters and OPEAPAC wins will help!

OPEA members care about delivering quality state services and improving the excellence of life in Oklahoma. To help with this, the political arm of OPEA, OPEAPAC makes supporting candidates that support state employees a top priority.

The OPEAPAC trustees and OPEA staff carefully evaluate every candidate for office based on a variety of criteria, including a candidate’s responses to our written questionnaire, interviews, and their state employee voting record and demonstrated leadership on state employee issues, and their commitment to improving the conditions of state employment
Below are OPEAPAC’s endorsements for the 2008 Primary and the November 4th General Election.

Oklahoma Statewide Races:

• Corporation Commissioner – Jim Roth (D) Loss

Oklahoma State Senate & House of Representative Races

•Senate District 05 — Jerry Ellis (D – Valliant) WIN!
•Senate District 07 — Sen. Richard Lerblance (D-McAlester) WIN!
•Senate District 11 — Sen. Judy Eason-McIntyre (D-Tulsa) WIN!
•Senate District 15 — Sen. Jonathan Nichols (R – Norman) WIN!
•Senate District 17 — Sen. Charlie Laster (D – Shawnee) WIN!
•Senate District 27 — Bowdy Peach (D – Moreland) Loss
•Senate District 31 — Sen. Don Barrington (R – Lawton) WIN!
•Senate District 33 — Sen. Tom Adelson (D – Tulsa) WIN!
•Senate District 37 — Sen. Nancy Riley (D – Tulsa) Loss
•Senate District 43 — Sen. Jim Reynolds (R–Okla. City) WIN!
•Senate District 45 — Steve Russell (R – Moore) WIN!
•House District 01 — Dennis Bailey (D – Broken Bow) WIN!
•House District 02 — Rep. Glen Bud Smithson (D – Sallisaw) WIN!
•House District 05 — Rep. Doug Cox (R – Grove) WIN!
•House District 13 — Rep. Jerry McPeak (D – Warner) WIN!
•House District 14 — Eugene Blankenship (D – Muskogee) Loss
•House District 16 — Rep. Jerry Shoemake (D – Morris) WIN!
•House District 25 — Gary Starns (D – Ada) Loss
•House District 28 — Rep. Ryan Kiesel (D – Seminole) WIN!
•House District 36 — Rep. Scott Bighorse (D – Pawhuska) Loss
•House District 37 — Rep. Ken Luttrell (D – Ponca City) WIN!
•House District 40 — Rep. Mike Jackson (R – Enid) WIN!
•House District 41 — Rep. John Enns (R – Enid) WIN!
•House District 42 — Rep. Lisa Billy (R – Purcell) WIN!
•House District 44 — Rep. Bill Nations (D – Norman) WIN!
•House District 47 — Harold Jackson (D – Chickasha) Loss
•House District 48 — John Moore (D – Ardmore) Loss
•House District 49 — Samson Buck (D – Ardmore) WIN!
•House District 50 — Daisy Lawler (D – Comanche) Loss
•House District 51 — Tommy Cosgrove (D – Marlow) Loss
•House District 52 — Dan McMahan (D – Altus) Loss
•House District 53 — Rep. Randy Terrill (R – Moore) WIN!
•House District 57 — Perry Adams (D – Custer City) Loss
•House District 60 — Rep. Purcy Walker (D – Elk City) WIN!
•House District 61 — Rep. Gus Blackwell (R – Goodwell) WIN!
•House District 66 — Rep. Lucky Lamons (D – Tulsa) WIN!
•House District 68 — Rep. Chris Benge (R – Tulsa) WIN!
•House District 72 — Seneca Scott (D – Tulsa) WIN!
•House District 73 — Rep. Jabar Shumate (D – Tulsa) WIN!
•House District 74 — Rep. David Derby (R – Owasso) WIN!
•House District 78 — Rep. Jeannie McDaniel (D – Tulsa) WIN!
•House District 85 — Rep. David Dank (R – Oklahoma City) WIN!
•House District 87 — Dana Orwig (D – Oklahoma city) Loss
•House District 93 — David Castillo (D – Oklahoma City) Loss
•House District 94 — Rep. Scott Inman (D – Del City) WIN!
•House District 95 — Mike Walker (D – Midwest City) Loss
•House District 96 — Dianne Hunter (D – Edmond) Loss
•House District 97 — Rep. Mike Shelton (D-Okla. City) WIN!
•House District 99 — Rep. Anastasia Pittman (D-Okla. City) WIN!

“Considering the high voter turnout and the fact every county in Oklahoma supported the Republican presidential candidate, we feel we did very well,” said Zearley. “Prevailing wisdom said the national economy would play a large role in helping down-ticket Democrats gain momentum but there was also the chance Senator Obama , who is viewed as very liberal , would help Oklahoma Republicans. The Oklahoma GOP made out very well and OPEAPAC made a very respectable showing winning over two-thirds of the races we endorsed.”

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