OSP Chapter Elects New Officers

The OSP Chapter elected new officers at a recent meeting in McAlester. They are Randy Lopez, President; Randy Roden, Vice President; Charlie Young, Secretary, and Rose Gwin, Treasurer.

The OSP Chapter is addressing several personnel shortage issues, unfair staff disciplines and assisting in the grievance process. The chapter intends to take back their facility from “they” said OPEA Membership Rick Allen. “When asked who ‘they’ are Randy Lopez said: ‘That’s what I want to know. Every time I ask why we are doing what we are doing the answer is “they” said so. I want to know who “they” are so I may address my issues with them,’”

Randy Rowden encouraged all employees to join OPEA. “You may be the next employee who is being disciplined even though you are following policy,” he said.

“Randy Rowden’s son Charles, who also works at OSP, was disciplined for not having a doctor’s note for one day of being off sick,” said Allen. “Even though the Merit Rules states that supervisors can ask for a doctor’s note after one day’s illness, DOC Policy states after three days or when the employee is suspected of abusing sick leave.”

The OSP Chapter leaders are meeting with OPEA Deputy Director Scott Barger, Department of Corrections Director Justin Jones and Warden Randay Workman to discuss facility issues on February 23. OPEA will keep you posted on the outcome of that meeting.

The OSP Chapter is uniting state employees in making OSP a better, safer place to work. Join OPEA and become part of a solution.

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