Payne County Health Department Decides On OPEA

How many? All of them! State employees are joining left and right- just like the workers at the Payne County Health Department where OPEA hosted a recent luncheon! Every initial non-member in attendance decided to make the right decision and join the only association in Oklahoma State Government which consistently works with and for the people.
“It was an astounding day here in Stillwater,” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “Many state employees came to hear about the exciting things OPEA is doing with and for them. A good dialogue ensued with many questions being answered and as a result many joined here today,” said Watkins.
Topics such as Lobby Day Soup Line ‘09, The Pay Compensation Plan(s), Longevity bill and how to get their county connected to the Capitol through hosting state legislators at their local county office and town hall meetings through the OPEA were discussed.
“I believe the reason so many joined today is because state workers are tired of standing on the sidelines watching everything and relinquishing their control little by little,” said Watkins. “I explained to them the power they wield in unity, and if concentrated correctly through the guidance of OPEA, they could bring an unrelenting positive impact to State Government Employees never before seen in this state. They decided to take a proactive stance and I’m very proud of them for doing it,” Watkins said. It just makes good sense to take advantage of the only avenue state workers have in order for you to be heard the loudest. If you’re a proud state employee and desire to be heard in the most effective manner, then join the most collective voice for state workers by joining OPEA. Join today and let your voice rein with your fellow workers! Contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 or visit our website at

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