Platform Planks to be presented at the 47th Annual Convention

First off, Thank you to every member who submitted a platform plank. OPEA prides itself on allowing our members to form our legislative agenda, and it has proven to bring new and innovative ideas to the state capitol. Platform planks are the basis of our legislative strategy. This year we received just under 60 planks from OPEA members.

What happens next?

OPEA’s plank committee which is composed of members from our board of directors and Chaired by Jann Ensz reviewed the plank submissions and first decided if they can be advanced to the annual convention. The criteria we use to determine if a plank can be heard at the convention is simple “Does the plank advance OPEA’s Mission? Does the plank violate federal law?”. As long as they pass those two criteria the planks are then sent to the membership for their review! Of the planks we received many of them could fall into simple legislative idea umbrellas such as “pay raise”. If someone submitted a plan that was already received they were added as a coauthor to another member’s plank. This article is your official notice to review the platform planks before our annual convention!

Once they are officially introduced to the membership at the annual convention on August 27th. The planks will be debated, amended, and then advanced to online voting.

Following the convention OPEA staff will make any edits decided at the annual convention. Then online voting begins on August 29th at 5 PM and closes on September 13th. Results will be published in the days following to allow us to verify the votes and the board to certify the results.

Platform Planks to be introduced at the 47th Annual Convention

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Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the conversation. Join us at the 47th Annual OPEA Convention!

Official 2022 Procedure for Platform Planks


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