Rader Center Proposed Closing Raises Public Safety Issues

The Director Gene Christian of the Office of Juvenile Affairs announced to employees today that the L.E. Rader Center would be closing September 30. The Rader Center has traditionally been the most secure state facility for more violent juvenile offenders.

“For several years, OJA leadership has discussed the need for more secure beds,” said OPEA Policy and Research Director Trish Frazier. “Closing Rader will put juvenile offenders that require a higher security level in less secure facilities. In addition, the system will lose beds needed for detention and rehabilitation of our troubled youth.”

“This cannot be a decision based on the upcoming budget, because the budget has not passed, therefore OJA does not have their allocation,”continued Frazier

“The Rader Center has a special behavioral unit and other security enhancements for our most challenging and violent youth,” concluded Frazier. “Certainly, Oklahoma citizens do not wish to sacrifice the core function of public safety to budget cuts.”

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