Remember To Vote November 4th

With elections just a week away, it is important to review the OPEA Political Action Committee (OPEAPAC) endorsed candidates. Several of OPEAPAC’s endorsed candidates won their primaries and will run in the general election November 4th. Listed below are the 2014 OPEAPAC endorsed candidates for the general election. OPEA is a non-partisan organization so we do not determine endorsements based on candidates’ political affiliation. For incumbent candidates, endorsements are based on the candidate’s voting record on state employee and retiree issues important to our members as well as their support for those issues by authoring legislation and debating for passage or defeat of legislation. Candidates who have not yet served are endorsed based on interviews with OPEAPAC trustees and OPEA staff. OPEAPAC is comprised of OPEA leaders who meet periodically to determine endorsements and contributions for candidates.

When deciding whether to support a candidate, OPEA only considers issues pertaining to state employment or retirement. Candidates’ votes on other issues are not reviewed when determining endorsements. We urge all Oklahomans, especially OPEA members, to exercise their voting rights in November. We also urge OPEA members to reach out to candidates on their own to discuss important state employment and retirement issues.

Lieutenant Governor:
Todd Lamb-Incumbent

Note: Numbers in parentheses reflects the Senate and House Districts candidates are running for.

Senate Endorsements
Curtis McDaniel (5) Open Seat
Brian Bingman (12) Incumbent
Frank Simpson (14) Incumbent
A J Griffin (20) Incumbent
Stephanie Bice (22) Open Seat
Kevin Black (26) Open Seat
Jason Smalley (28) Open Seat
Randy Bass (32) Incumbent
Ervin Yen (40) Open Seat
Jack Fry (42) Open Seat
Ralph Shortey (44) Incumbent
Kay Floyd (46) Open Seat
Anastasia Pittman (48) Open Seat
House Endorsements
James Lockhart (3) Incumbent
Chuck Hoskin (6) Incumbent
Wade Rousselot (12) Incumbent
Jerry Shoemake (16) Incumbent
Jack Reavis (14) Open Seat
Brian Renegar (17) Incumbent
Bobby Cleveland (20) Incumbent
Justin Wood (26) Incumbent
Josh Cockcroft (27) Incumbent
Tom Newell (28) Incumbent
Dennis Casey (35)Incumbent
John Enns (41) Incumbent
John Paul Jordan (43) Open Seat
Aaron Stiles (45) Incumbent
Scott Martin (46) Incumbent
Tommy Hardin (49) Incumbent
Mark McBride (53) Incumbent
David Perryman (56) Incumbent
Weldon Watson (79) Incumbent
David Dank ( 85) Incumbent
Will Fourkiller (86) Incumbent
Jason Nelson (87) Incumbent
Chris Kannady (91) Open Seat
Mike Christian (93) Incumbent
Charlie Joyner (95) Incumbent
Lewis Moore (96) Incumbent
Mike Shelton (97) Incumbent
Elise Hall (100) Incumbent
Gary Banz (101) Incumbent

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