Retiree Stipend Bill Due To Be Heard Monday


House Bill 1340 is due to be heard by the Senate Retirement & Insurance Committee on Monday at 1:30pm in room 230 at the State Capitol.  This bill provides for a one-time stipend to all retired members in each of the retirement systems, including OPERS.  OPERS retirees, under the terms of the bill, would get the lesser of 2% of their gross annual retirement benefit or $1,000.

Like the state employee pay raise just passed, this bill does not do enough for state retirees and they deserve and need much more.  The COLA bill we’ve been fighting for, which provided an 8% COLA for all retirees, was not granted a hearing on the House floor and is dead.  This bill was allowed to advance in its place, by House leadership.

Retirees, we hope you will stand alongside state employees at the Capitol on Monday and demand lawmakers DO BETTER!


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