Rumors & Frequently Asked Questions

We have received hundreds of calls regarding HB1146 and the emergency rules. Please continue to call us with your questions and concerns about this landmark legislation. Many of the calls we have fielded are questions that have been answered in this document OMES has compiled to answer the most frequently asked questions.

OPEA understands that changes to employee protections are an uneasy time, but we assure you that job protections are our top priority. OPEA formed the Merit Protection System that has protected classified state employees for over 40 years. This change was necessary to fix weaknesses that have been found and used over the years by state agencies to deny due process to state employees.

We have heard a lot of the rumors that have been spread across the agencies creating fear and uncertainty. No one is losing protections; we are gaining them. We encourage you to call us at 405-524-6764 with any questions or concerns you have about the new rules. If you are getting information from your agency leadership that is different than what you have heard from OPEA, let us know. We will make sure to clear up any confusion and guarantee employees are getting the correct information regarding their rights as Oklahoma state employees.

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