Small Agencies Matter

Who says smaller state agencies don’t matter? Who says smaller state agencies can’t make a difference? Believe that hype if you must; but don’t tell the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology. Why? Because they would all laugh! OPEA connected with the workers at the OSBC recently with pizza in hand to discuss OPEA current events.

“The smaller agencies, such as OSBC really do contribute substantially to the quality of life in Oklahoma; every single state employee makes the difference when determining the greater whole,” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “Not to minimize the bigger agencies, but workers in the smaller agencies tend to be under a greater threat than larger agencies for consolidation which could mean disaster at any time (i.e. the governor’s annual sunset report, where the governor and his staff review if the agency is even deemed a necessity in state government),” Watkins said.

“They have smaller budgets in comparison to bigger agencies; which from an economic standpoint makes the monies generally easier to see and subsequently manage; given the smaller scale,” said Watkins.

In what ways does this affect small agencies? It creates a need for outside support. If the agency cannot get full monetary or other support internally, then a call to action on behalf of workers becomes a priority. This is one of the many ways OPEA facilitates a driving force already inherent in the people of the agency.

“After discussing it with Brandon, I believe our agency, due to its size, needs OPEA on our side. OPEA gives us support where no other can,” said OSBC Executive Director Sherry Lewelling.

OPEA signed up three new members at OSBC: Karen Glasco, Michael Hays, and Nancy Wells.

So, if you’re a small agency with a big desire to be heard, join OPEA—the only organization in Oklahoma that can make it happen. Contact Brandon Watkins at to set up a luncheon in your office. Remember, OPEA is working for you!

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