State Auditor/Inspector’s Office Employees Join OPEA

“Where do I sign?” is all that was heard coming from the mouths of several people at the State Auditor and Inspectors Office who made the decision to join OPEA at a recent luncheon held at their office in Oklahoma City. The conference room was packed with state employees as the workers listened to OPEA Board of Director Tom Dunning and OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins talk about the exciting things OPEA is doing for them.
“I was excited at the throngs of people coming up to me after the meeting and handing me their applications, asking questions, and wanting to get involved with what we’re doing,” Watkins said. “They were very quiet during the meeting and seemed to hang on every word Tom and I said. This is evidently what it looks like when rational, reasonable people get up and do the right thing all at once. I was so pleased to see so many at one time appreciate the value OPEA has to offer. In my short time with OPEA, I can honestly say it was one of my best meetings yet,” said Watkins.
Dunning spoke to them about the many benefits of OPEA and how the association has helped him personally while working for the state. He said the far-reaching benefits of OPEA have been a staple of success for state employees over the years.
So, if you are tired of the way things are in state government and want to affect change along with your other fellow state employees, join online at our website or contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 to become a member of a movement which is moving you forward bringing the change you desire.

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