State Employees Have a Voice–Join the Call to Action!

For the next couple of weeks, state employees throughout Oklahoma should be on the lookout for an important piece of mail from the Oklahoma Public Employees Association.

“This mailing is a direct result of legislation we had passed last year,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “It allows us once a year to contact every state employee in Oklahoma and share with them the benefits of being an OPEA member.”

The front cover shows a photograph of a telephone, with the caption “State Employees have a voice—Join the call to action!” Inside, state employees will find important information about OPEA, and the importance of making your voice heard.

“We’ve all heard the saying ‘there’s strength in numbers,’” Zearley said. “That has never been truer than it is today. OPEA is out there on the front lines every day, fighting for all state employees.

“These days we are seeing a lean budget, and agencies are being asked to cut more funds all the time. So far, OPEA has been successful in keeping employees from being RIF’d, but it’s going to take a strong Association for us to keep up that pressure on the legislature,” Zearley said.

OPEA currently has 10,000 members throughout Oklahoma; but with 35,000 state employees there are still many more voices that need to join.

As an added incentive, ALL OPEA members, both current and new, have an opportunity to receive up to $300 from the Oklahoma Employees Credit Union.

“We are really excited about this partnership with OPEA,” said Jennifer Lown, OECU Director of Marketing. “Every OPEA member can get up to $300…$100 if you open a new checking account with direct deposit. Another $100 for a new auto loan and $100 for opening a new mortgage. It really is a win-win situation,” Lown said.

OPEA membership is an affordable way to make your voice heard, and will help secure a more optimistic future for every state employee. If you’re already a member, please make sure your co-workers know the value of OPEA and talk to them today about becoming a member. Simply fill out the postage-paid application, drop it in the mail and start protecting your job and your benefits today!

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