State Revenue Collections Down

State Treasurer Scott Meacham today released a state revenue report showing that, while collections are down when compared to the previous year; they are more than what was initially estimated.

Over the past nine months, the general revenue fund totaled $4.173 billion. This figure is 61 million or 1.4 percent below prior year collections but $25.8 million, or 6/10 of 1 percent of estimates.

Meacham reports that there are signs of continued growth in the economy, but at a much slower pace than when the year began.

“We are watching these figures very carefully,”said Oklahoma Public Employees Association Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “This is a year in which the legislature and Governor must figure out a way to give state employees a raise. We all know money is tight, but we are going to have to get creative to help solve this massive problem.”

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