Survey Shows Association Leadership, Membership Well Aligned In Goals and Values

A recent survey of members from the Oklahoma Public Employees Association reveals that both members and leadership share the same values and goals. An unprecedented 1,200 OPEA members took the electronic survey and provided an in-depth analysis of what they hope to see in their association.

Over the past two years, OPEA leadership has worked to guide the association in a direction that allows for membership participation, reorganization of the grassroots chapters, financial responsibility and legislative advocacy. With more than 20 percent of the surveys returned so far, members also aligned with these goals.

“It’s nice to see from the membership that the Association’s long-term goals are important to a broad depth of members from DHS, Corrections, Mental Health, ODOT and OESC, just to mention a few,” said Mark Beutler, Director of Communications. “OPEA is a diverse organization with many parts, so this really shows we’ve done well in understanding the needs and values of our members.”

Here are some examples:
Retirement Chart

OPEA Politcal Position

Most Important

Some of the areas OPEA members indicated needed improvement were:

  • More meetings in local offices
  • Additional chapter development
  • Increased efforts with legislators
  • Increase OPEA recruiting efforts
  • More involvement with agencies

“OPEA members are very happy with the quality of their newsletter, The Advocate, as well as the website,” said Beutler. “Our members definitely asked OPEA to fill in around this publication with electronic information which we have already started looking into.”

Beutler also pointed to the latest efforts in recruiting and public image. “These were areas our members said are important and where the Association is putting additional resources. We have developed and distributed a new recruiting video which can also be viewed on our website. We have produced a commercial that will begin airing on television in February. Not only will this commercial serve to gather additional OPEA members, but we hope it will bring to the mind of the general public that state employees perform valuable services that are indispensable.”

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