Survey Shows Lopsided Results: Workers Laud Four-Day Work Week

The OPEA website has been inundated with state employees eager to take the survey over the 4 day work week. OPEA Deputy Director Scott Barger said the survey results are increasingly lopsided.

“With the increase in press coverage about the 4 day work week, state employees are beginning to come out in mass to express their support for the concept,” he said. “We placed the survey on the website Friday and within the first hour, had nearly 50 responses.”

Barger says the results are 95 percent in favor of the concept. “Understand this is not a scientific analysis by any stretch,” he cautioned. “It is a simple yes or no survey with an area for comments. But, 95 percent of those taking the survey like the idea.”

Here are some of the responses:

  • In some instances it is more feasible during summer months than winter months, especially of maintenance road crews that are charged with snow and ice removal.
  • If we can’t get a raise in ’08 a four day work week would be great!
  • Conservation is a large key to the future.
  • Shorter work weeks will conserve gas, electricity, and reduce pollution.
  • In DHS, they could let people work from home to type their DA Reports but they won’t do it!
  • My wife recently started with OJA and they have already implemented different varieties of a variable work schedules for their employees including a four day work week. I work for DHS and they seem to be against a 4 day work week. If they (DHS) would implement a four day work week it would save us a lot of money as we drive 70 miles a day round trip to work. Please help DHS to see the light!!!!!
  • We state employees need any help we can get to offset the higher gas prices since the pay raise was defeated.
  • It would interfere with my child care. It would be a hardship.

To take the survey, click the OPEA logo in the lower left column.

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