The Importance of Organizing!

The Webster’s online dictionary definition for organize is, to plan and direct a complex undertaking; arrange by systematic planning and united effort. This definition describes in a nutshell the mission at OPEA, uniting public employees to improve the quality of state employment.

To accomplish this mission OPEA’s founders developed the “pizza lunch.” The purpose of this lunch is to“plan and direct a complex undertaking”and inform those who aren’t informed and encourage those who are to actively participating in the only association that fights for the betterment of state employment.

The first step in participation is becoming a member, but, being a member is about more than just paying dues, it is about understanding our mission and taking pride in your membership. You don’t have to take on OPEA as a second job but be the OPEA voice in your office. Each OPEA member should recruit a non-member in their office. Your participation could also be a phone call to OPEA encouraging a pizza lunch because you’ve discussed the importance of membership with co-workers who aren’t members.

I would like to thank all who are members. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step – now let’s keep moving. A simple conversation is all it may take to help someone else understand our mission, so don’t miss the opportunity as the definition of organize states it is complex but, together with our members, we will accomplish our goal.

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