This week the OPEA Break Room features Ron “The Gorilla” Black.

The former host of the very popular afternoon drive slot at the station formerly known as Oklahoma’s FIRST radio station, WKY 930AM, the Gorilla was down-sized by syndicated Spanish music radio in January of 2006. The lineup at WKY included the legendary Mark Shannon, Brad Copeland, Jim Traber, Dax Davis, and closed out at the end of the drive time by Ron Black, the 400lb Gorilla of Oklahoma media. It was terribly ironic that WKY, a local talk radio station, would be replaced by Spanish music because most of the hosts on WKY were very much in favor of immigration reform. What is even more strange is that WKY was one of Oklahoma’s heritage radio stations. Wow. It went south of the border – do the math on that one.

Since then, Ron has been doing a bit of consulting for private sector businesses as well as political campaigns. He was picked up by the Denise Bode for Congress campaign, helping with media, message, candidate prep, and policy and before the campaign was over, he was helping with the grass roots efforts, helping to coordinate the get out the vote effort and a whole lot more and thus the political consultancy gig arose. Ron is currently the political analyst for KOKH Fox 25, KOKC AM1520 (every Monday morning at 6:45) and monthly contributor to the Oklahoma Gazette. Ron also co-hosts Energy Matters Radio with former Corporation Commissioner Denise Bode on Sundays, 6pm on News Radio 1000, KTOK.

Bud and Scott welcome a refreshing and honest discussion of Oklahoma politics and….Ted Nugent!

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