Today Is The Day: Tell Them VOTE NO on the Budget

OPEA sent the following email to every house member this morning. Today is the last day of the regular session. They must approve a budget today or come back for a special session. OPEA believes it is best to defeat the budget, come back for a short special session and pass revenue measures to fund services properly. Please call or email your house of representative member today and urge them to Vote NO on the budget.


The Oklahoma Public Employees Association urges you to vote NO on SB 1616!


Oklahoma can do better.  We know most of you were not involved in crafting this budget but too many core public services take a huge hit in this budget. You can start getting included by rejecting this bill.

You may also hear SB694 today that limits DHS’ ability to cut service rates in its waiver programs. These programs are important but SB694 does not even begin to solve the massive budget issues at DHS, nor does it prevent major cuts in staff and other programs the agency is already planning.

If this budget passes, massive cuts will occur at DMHSAS, DPS, Tourism, DAs’ Council, and other agencies will barely remain functioning thanks to years of cuts and neglect.

Please start getting involved in setting the state’s budget priorities by voting NO on this budget.



The Members of The Oklahoma Public Employees Association




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