Tulsa OKDHS West Child Support Welcomes OPEA

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services West Child Support Office in the Tulsa Kerr building was the gracious setting for a recent pizza luncheon provided by the Oklahoma Public Employees Association.

Interest was keen concerning longevity pay and the possibility of twice a month paydays. Answering questions regarding four-day week schedules and issues related to that topic were answered by Patricia Schrader of the Tulsa’s West Child Support Office. She was particularly helpful in arranging for the meeting and assisting OPEA Membership Coordinator for Northeast Oklahoma Reba Turner Robinson

“There is usually a concern of ‘WHY, OH WHY’ have the last four years been SO good to the teachers in bringing their pay scale to a wonderful level yet, completely ignoring state employees,” said Robinson. “This group is no different. They feel discouragement and unfairness, as do 34,000 other state employees. There has to be a different attitude on the part of state employees. Employees must know their elected officials and where those Senators and Representatives stand regarding state employees,” Robinson said.

“When the tide comes in with many people calling for change, even one lawmaker, it could buy state employees a positive vote and actually a concern on the part of that lawmaker – as the tide goes out! Vote by vote state employees can turn the tide, but only when they become actively engaged in the process.

“Some senators and representatives say they assume most of state employees are satisfied with their salary because they never hear from them,” Robinson said. “But if every state employee would become active in OPEA, we could see a positive change in state employment.”

OPEA welcomes Tina Webster and Sam Edens into the Association.

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