Tulsa’s OESC Chapter Meets for Pizza Party!

Tulsa’s Oklahoma Employment Security Commission had a special pizza party recently, congratulating the chapter and receiving a challenge for another year. Reba Turner Robinson, Membership Representative for Northeastern Oklahoma, promised them this special celebration in the beginning, and led the newly-formed chapter to their well-earned honor.

Harold Wright , OPEA Board Member, has been a strong leader of this group and designed an effective prototype meeting. Led by President Diana Stolhand, the executive committee planned the agenda and published it prior to the meeting. It begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends promptly at 6:30 p.m., even if business must be tabled for another time. At the close of the meeting, if members want to have their dinner and stay for fellowship, those who must leave are free to do so.

The final meeting of the year 2009 was at Chimi’s where they met to complete their calendars for 2009-2010.

Some of the activities involving community service and awareness were to assist the Blue Mother’s who participate in sending needed items to the men and women in the Armed Forces. They will continue to collect warm gloves, socks and hats for the homeless men in the Tulsa area. More than 100 men received these items last December. As Tracy Ritz volunteered her car, they will participate in local parades to publicize OPEA’s activities.

Money raising events include, a silent auction, donate for a chance to win a patriotic lap-quilt, drawings for gas cards, and they will place other ideas into the calendar as ideas are added.

Some of the members participating: Pres. Diana Stolhand, Vice-Pres Tracey Ritz, Secy Brandi Poage, Lisa Tyre, Chapter Photographer Jennifer Denby and Board Member Harold Wright.

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