Updating Membership Contact Information

By Gene Blankenship

Accurate contact information is crucial for OPEA Members to effectively engage with their offices (communities), and can help to improve participation in the process. As OPEA members, it is important to be able to contact potential OPEA members and engage them in conversations about the legislative session, calls to action, and adverse actions in the workplace.

Your voice matters! Accurate contact information is essential for communication. It can improve connectivity and facilitate involvement. If you are not receiving emails from OPEA or the Advocate news we would encourage you to call and update your contact information with us as soon as possible.

OPEA having updated contact information is also vital if you are involved in the Civil Service process!  With such fast timelines, OPEA staff needs to be able to reach these members quickly.  It is also important that your contact information is your personal cell and personal email address. It is always best practice to never use your state email or phone number for OPEA communication. You can contact any of the following OPEA staff members to update your information.

Candice Steele at candices@opea.org

Gene Blankenship at geneb@opea.org

Chancen Flick at chancenf@opea.org

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