Urgent Call to Action!


During this legislative session, two of OPEA’s most important goals to accomplish involve obtaining a one-time bonus for state employees and securing an interim study (sponsored by Leslie Osborn, R-Mustang) that will determine long-term solutions for funding state employee salaries and pay raises.

If you aren’t yet aware of these issues, now is the time to familiarize yourself with them. We are now in the middle of April, and this means the Legislature will soon be making budget decisions.

The media is talking about state employee issues. Last week, The Oklahoman ran a story about Rep. Osborn’s study on state employee pay, and just yesterday ran another story on why raises would help the state retain qualified workers.

PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL YOUR LEGISLATORS IMMEDIATELY and make sure that they know how important these issues are to state employees.

If you don’t know what you want to say to you legislators, here are a few ideas:

· A one-time bonus for state employees will help offset the increases in cost of living expenses. A bonus is not a long term solution, but it will help state employees THIS year.

· Tell them why Rep. Osborn’s interim study is important to state employees. Her interim study is important because it will help the state develop a long-term plan for funding state employee salaries and bonuses.

· Explain that the bonus is not currently contained in any one piece of legislation.

Contact your House and Senate members this week! If you don’t know who your legislators are, you can go to the House website here and input your address to find out, or you can call OPEA and speak with Haley Blood or Kelsey Kemp.

Useful numbers and links you might need:
OPEA: 800-880-6732 or 405-524-6764
House: 800-522-8502 or 405-521-2711
Senate: 800-865-6490 or 405-521-5692
House Member Email List
Senate Member Email List

(Note: Please refrain from using the state’s time and resources when contacting your legislators. Use your personal time and email or phone.)

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