Dear Member:

Fireworks are expected at the Capitol tomorrow morning as state employees come together for the annual “OPEA Lobby Day,” and to protest a leading state newspaper. Registration begins at 9 am in the second floor rotunda, with a rally at 11:15 on the south steps.

On Saturday, The Oklahoman launched a full-scale war against OPEA, its members and state employees by complaining to the state’s attorney general. The newspaper is pushing for the birth dates of state employees to be a matter of public record. The OPEA is adamant in keeping those records private to protect your safety. Now you are asked to join OPEA in rallying legislators, and to protest The Oklahoman.

We are not going to let The Oklahoman bully state workers. We have heard from employees throughout Oklahoma this weekend and tomorrow’s Lobby Day promises to be a rather heated rally. Enough is enough, and this is simply ‘David versus Goliath.’ The Oklahoman must realize they can’t bulldoze over us as they have so frequently done. State employees are fired up and tomorrow should be an interesting day.

I talked to the Attorney General this morning and he said The Oklahoman contacted him and complained because state employees were calling the newspaper’s offices after OPEA issued a Call to Action. The attorney general told me at no time did he say he was opening an investigation. He simply told The Oklahoman he would ‘look into it,’ and the term ‘investigation’ was something the paper used in their article; ‘investigation’ was not something he said.

I urge every state employee to look at their schedules tomorrow, and SHOW UP STRONG for OPEA Lobby Day. We cannot let The Oklahoman win. If they do, your birth date will be made public and your safety will be at risk.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you and your co-workers to join OPEA tomorrow at the Capitol.
Sterling Zearley
Executive Director

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