Waves of Crabtree Workers Join OPEA

Waves of both uniformed and non-uniformed staff at James Crabtree Correctional Center recently joined OPEA! Exciting times it was as OPEA met with workers over breakfast and lunch. You know these workers- the ones punching their time clock daily to keep the citizens of Oklahoma safe and worry-free! Workers who have had enough idleness and are ready, willing, and able to come together in unity and do something about the issues they face each and every day!
“I’ve been coming here every month like clockwork since late summer, and this time I was floored by the number of workers who signed at once,” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “I was ecstatic to see the throngs of people who came up handing me their applications throughout the morning, afternoon and night! We ended up running out of prizes by the end of the meeting. It was the best experience I’ve had since being on the OPEA team,” Watkins said.
The workers at JCCC are taking notice that OPEA is here, and OPEA is interested in their struggles. They’re starting to realize OPEA is an investment, such as how one invests in their spouse, house, or education/training.The days of having the attitude of “here’s my membership, now give me my raise” are over at JCCC. These people are professionals and understand the principle of investment. They’re in it for the long-haul and willing to stand up for what is right.
“Mike (Rogers) is an incredible leader. The passion he has for the cause, enthusiasm for his fellow employees, and positive outlook for what can be done in the future is astounding,” Watkins said.
“Until the people realize OPEA is the best resource we have in state government working for us at the capitol, we will continue to have issues here,” said OPEA Board Member and DOC Council Chairman Mike Rogers. “I’m just glad more and more people are starting to move toward the goal of doing something about it, as evidenced by the many people joining today. Being a member just for the simple fact that you have OPEA staff watching those bills come through the door everyday to make sure I’m protected is enough for me! I estimate OPEA has saved me $350 a month over the years due to vetoing bills alone. And that’s worth much more than just $15 a month,” said Rogers.
“I feel good about being a member of OPEA,” said Lieutenant Mike Shelite. “It’s time we all come together and start being proactive instead of reactive. I’m telling and have been telling all workers about the benefits of being an OPEA member. There is a new generation of workers here and they’re joining in bunches,” said Shelite.
If you’re a state employee who wants to change your circumstances and is willing to take action, contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 or visit our website at www.opea.org for further information about joining an association that is consistently working for you, OPEA!

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