Website Access Closes to Non-Members Feb 9

The OPEA Website has been open access since it was re-designed nearly two years ago. Numerous focus groups have told your leadership that information is the biggest part of the Association, and that is what most members pay dues to receive. The remainder of services such as grievance assistance, insurance advice, and agency issue resolution are gravy because the information received from OPEA is accurate and timely.

For the past two years, members and non-members have enjoyed reading information about issues important to state employees – free of charge. Staff and leaders have heard the number one reason most state employees do not join OPEA is that they can get the same thing members get without paying the cost. Your OPEA Board of Directors has made the decision to change that beginning February 9th. When a non-member visits the OPEA website, they will be able to read a synopsis of information, but will no longer be able to access entire articles and information available to dues-paying members.

The Association is closing access to the OPEA website to non-members. Beginning February 9th, you will be asked to log in to be able to read information. Be sure to use your first and last name as one word to log in for the first time. Each member will be able to change their password after the first time you log in. If you experience problems logging in, please contact the OPEA office and speak with Nancy Hughes or Rachelle Johnson at 405.524.6764.

Please remember: you will only have access to the OPEA website as long as you are a member. OPEA is the only organization that truly represents the interests of state employees. Your board and staff look forward to making services to the OPEA membership a true benefit of membership.

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