Wewoka DHS Employees Join OPEA

“Meeting with state employees recently from the Wewoka Department of Human Services to discuss the benefits of being an OPEA Member was very productive,” says Rick Allen, OPEA Membership Representative.

Four new members from the OKDHS Wewoka office joined OPEA. They are Darla Blankenship, Brandy Simpson, Paul Kiker & Lila Arthur. By lending their voice to OPEA, the new members are taking up positions in searching for solutions to the problems hindering state employees. As a group, they say the consensus is: “We have to stand up & advocate for ourselves because no one else will do it. We understand that our legislators understand our process as much as we understand the legislative process. We have to put an emphasis on educating both our legislators and ourselves,” the group said.

“I understand the DHS employees concerns after working for 26 years as a state employee,” states Allen. I understand what is required of state employees to complete daily tasks. I am also aware of what legislative support means to the state employees.”

Make sure your own office joins OPEA and the employees of the Wewoka Department of Human Services on a mission-seeking solution.

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